Our Partners

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Opportunity International

We partner with Opportunity International to provide iPads for field workers that assist them with termly data analysis and uploading to the cloud.

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Medical Students

Medical and nursing students (under the supervision of qualified nurses) handle the distribution of consent forms, the measurements and training on how to incorporate Little Bits™ Dietary Supplement into meal programme.

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ECD forums

ECD forums help us to connect with ECD centres in various footprints and assists with communication
to principals and schools.

Movement & Enrichment

1. Six Bricks

Children learn best when they are encouraged to explore, interact, create and play. Play is the “work” of children; through play they develop their core learning skills – self-regulation, creativity, curiosity, playfulness – and build the foundation for life-long learning. Constructive play requires a supportive environment provided by adults and manipulatives that encourage children to think, discover, learn, and problem-solve.

Six Bricks is a series of quick, daily activities designed to developmental readiness in which the child focuses and concentrates for a limited period of time. Using six LEGO DUPLO bricks, these short activities are initially teacher-guided and provide opportunities for children to control and direct their own learning. Children thrive on success and love repeating any activity if they know they can get it right. The power of Six Bricks is not in how many activities you can do at one time but rather in the repetition of activities so that each child can experience the thrill of achievement.

There are various skills that go beyond pin grip, numeracy, literacy and academic learning, which six bricks all provide in abundance. Such skills include critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and readiness for tertiary study and career choice. Developing these skills is critical in early and academic learning and forms the foundation for life-long learning.

2. Enrichment Education

More than a third of all children are not developing to their full potential, compromising their readiness for school and their future as productive members of society.

Looking at the statistics available in South Africa, we need to greatly improve the level of cognitive development of our children and educators to be able to reach our goal of providing quality education. As our holistic approach is aimed at covering all aspects of child development, we designed our intervention to assist in the implementation of learning principles while using any given material or current curriculum.

NQF training lays the foundation for our whole teachers’ training course. During the introduction week the students learn the principles of “ECD learning through playing” themselves.

Eduquest is a completely integrated learning environment designed specifically for today’s early childhood classroom. The multimedia courseware and dual control interactive keyboard together with hands-on didactic materials and complete lesson plans create a total learning package and experience which places the child at the centre of the complete learning experience. Teachers need support to enable them to pull out relevant tasks from the Eduquest programme to integrate into their daily CAPS planning. In this way, curricular work can be supported and strengthened by the Eduquest materials as opposed to it being an add-on to the day.

Youth for Human Rights

Youth for Human Rights International believes that UNITED, a better place the world would be.

“Passionate about giving children a headstart”