What makes our process different?

Our process ensures that each child gets the adequate nutritional support, testing and measurement to combat and prevent childhood malnutrition and deficiencies such as stunting, iron deficiency and anaemia.

Headstart partners with Early Childhood Development Forums and NGO’s in the ECD space to reach out to ECD centres in various footprints and assists with communication to principals. This kickstarts the process.

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Parents or guardians
sign consent form.

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Children are given Nutrilite™ Little Bits™ micronutrients to add to their daily meal programme

Little Bits Dietary Supplement was researched developed and pioneered by the finest minds in child nutrition in Michigan, USA. It activates 15 learning areas in the brain, reduces iron deficiency, improves concentration and thus fights stunting, the major stumbling block to effective learning. 

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HSK can provide a breakfast or lunch solution

An equal amount of protein and fat  should be included in every meal, but it is even more important to get this mix right for breakfast. This feature of a nutritious meal greatly impacts mood, ability and concentration in the class room. It’s a vital cog in setting free young inquisitive minds and is largely absent in the diet of children in Africa.   

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Children are dewormed by qualified nurses, or in the presence of a qualified nurse, every six months.

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Haemoglobin tests are done once a year to detect low iron levels.

In severe cases, children are referred to local clinics.

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Eye and hearing assessments are done from four onwards. Hearing assessments are administered dependant on funding.

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